Corporate social responsibility

The management at Power Machines fully appreciates the importance of providing the company’s employees with proper working conditions, improving their quality of life, and creating an atmosphere of unity and cohesion within the workforce. Proceeding from this standpoint, the company places particular emphasis on supporting the existing social infrastructure. The enterprise houses smoothly-running cafeteria and medical facilities, and employees are provided with trip vouchers to sanatoriums, resorts, vacation retreats and children’s camps. Employees are also able to avail themselves of sports competitions (health days, mini-football and volleyball tournaments, multi-event championships) and team-building exercises.

The medical complexes at Power Machines conduct additional health screenings of workers whose job duties involve contact with hazardous and potentially-dangerous occupational risks. Healthcare programmes and sanatorium-based treatment-and-prevention measures are financed by the company, by the participating workers themselves, and through the resources of state-sponsored social insurance.

Power Machines stresses the formation of a unified information policy designed to swiftly and accurately notify workers of important company developments. This objective is furthered by the corporate newspaper Power Machines, Megawatt magazine, the Internet and online websites, a well-developed system of information stands, and corporate television news broadcasts.