Dc electric drives and units

Static frequency converter units
КТУ-350Р/440-УХЛ4 КТУ-1000 РВ/660-ОМ4 КТУ-1600Р/800-УХЛ4
КТУ-2000 РВ/800-УХЛ4
Electric equipment for excavators
  • НКУ 3801 У2 for ЭКГ-10 excavators;
  • НКУ 3802 У2 for ЭШ-20/90 excavators;
  • НКУ 3803 У2 for ЭКГ-15 excavators;
  • НКУ 3806 У2 for ЭШ-40/100 excavators;
  • НКУ 3809 У2 for ЭКГ-12.5 excavators;
  • Ш3810 electric equipment package for ЭШ-20/90 excavators;
  • Ш3801 MS1 low-voltage frequency converter for ЭКГ-10 excavators;
  • Ш3803 M low-voltage frequency converter for ЭКГ-15 excavators;
  • Ш3804 M low-voltage frequency converter for ЭКГ-12 excavators;
  • Ш3806 M electric equipment package for ЭШ-40/85 excavators;
  • Ш3810 M electric equipment package for ЭШ-20/90 excavators.
Electric equipment packages for drill rigs
  • electric equipment package for СБШ-270 ИЗ drilling rig drives;
  • electric equipment package for СКБ drilling rig drives;
  • НКУ Ш3202М-54-460 У2 enhanced electric equipment package for СБШ-270ИЗ drilling rigs.
Electric drives and units for mine hoists
  • static frequency converters for rotary converters;
  • Ш981-5409-УХЛ4 electric equipment package;
  • Ш982-5809-УХЛ4 electric equipment package;
  • Ш983-5409-УХЛ4 electric equipment package;
  • Ш984-5409-УХЛ4 electric equipment package.
Synchronous electric motor exciter
  • ВТЕ-300-300 УХЛ4.


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