Air-cooled synchronous turbogenerators (series Т3Ф, ТФ and ТА)
Т3Ф-350-2 (design project) Т3Ф-220-2 Т3Ф-180-2
Т3Ф-160-2М Т3Ф-130-2 Т3Ф-110-2М
Т3Ф-80-2М Т3Ф-63-2М ТФ-110-2/13,8
ТФ-40-2Н ТФ-35-2М5 ТФ-25-2
ТФ-25-4 ТФ-18-2 ТА-30-2
ТА-25-2 ТА-15-2/6,6 ТА-12-2К
Hydrogen-cooled synchronous turbogenerators (ТВФ)
ТВФ-660-2 (project) ТВФ-165-2 ТВФ-120-2
ТВФ-100/3600 ТВФ-63-2 ТВФ-60/3600
Hydrogen-water-cooled synchronous turbogenerators (ТВВ)
ТВВ-1200-4 (project) ТВВ-1200-2 ТВВ-1000-4
ТВВ-1000-2/27 ТВВ-1000-2 ТВВ-800-2Е
ТВВ-660-2Т ТВВ-600-2 (project) ТВВ-500-4
ТВВ-500-2М ТВВ-500-2Е ТВВ-350-2
ТВВ-320-2Е ТВВ-220-3600Т ТВВ-220-2Е
ТВВ-160-2Е - -
Completely water-cooled synchronous turbogenerators (Т3В)
ТЗВ-1200-2А ТЗВ-890-2А ТЗВ-800-2
ТЗВ-320-2 ТЗВ-220-2 ТЗВ-110-2
ТЗВ-63-2М - -
Air-cooled asynchronized turbogenerators (Т3ФА, Т3ФАУ)
ТЗФАУ-160-2УЗ ТЗФА-110-2УЗ -
Air-water-cooled asynchronized turbogenerators (Т3ФСУ)
ТЗФСУ-320-2УЗ - -
Air-cooled asynchronized compensators (ASK)
АСК-100-4 - -
Turbogenerator advantages
  • high reliability;
  • high control response;
  • high efficiency;
  • operation in reactive power consumption modes;
  • customer orientation;
  • many years of successful operation.
Turbogenerator supply scope
  • generator with full or partial noise enclosure;
  • excitation system;
  • process systems;
  • automated monitoring and diagnostics system;
  • spare part and installation tool kit;
  • technical documentation.

Upon the customer's request, turbine generators can be equipped with excitation systems of the following types:

  • thyristor self-excitation systems (СТС);
  • independent thyristor excitation systems (СТН);
  • brushless diode systems (СБД);
  • reversible thyristor self-excitation systems (СТС-Р) – for asynchronized turbine generators.

Turbine generators coupled with gas turbines are additionally equipped with static frequency converters (SFC).

Equipment installation, adjustment and commissioning are performed by Power Machines representatives. Turbine generator overhaul and modernization involve generator parameter enhancement: increased power, reduced temperature, improved reliability and extended service life.

Unified design principles are applied to the main components of hydrogen-water-cooled turbine generators. This makes it possible to streamline turbine generator design to the fullest extent possible and launch commercial production utilizing a high-level standardization of components.

To cover the future demands of the power industry, Power Machines has developed and launched the mass production of unrivaled Т3В-series heavy-duty turbine generators with fully water-cooled stator and rotor windings and stator core laminations (the “three waters” cooling system).

The triple circuit air cooling used in Т3В-type turbine generators makes it possible to increase the air-cooled capacity of turbine generators to 350 MW. High reliability and overload capacity are achieved by separating air flows for stator and rotor cooling and avoiding the negative interaction of these flows. This makes it possible to reduce active and structural generator-component heating while reducing air flow rate.

Auxiliary equipment
  • process systems;
  • excitation systems, start-up frequency converters;
  • process control and automation systems.
Service support

As part of its modernization projects, Power Machines solves three main strategic tasks: restoring equipment operation, extending service life and increasing technical and economic performance and reliability in the process of electric equipment operation. Modernization makes it possible to extend the time between overhauls and optimize the overhaul cycle structure.

Thanks to its extensive experience in solving complex design tasks, as well as in the development and manufacture of various electric equipment, Power Machines is capable of implementing custom options for each individual modernization project.

Turbogenerator modernization and repair can be carried out at the manufacturer’s shop or power plant site.

The quality management system in place at Power Machines fully meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, as confirmed by IQNET, TÜV NORD, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, as well as a national certification authority.

At each operational stage, all applicable production procedures and the company’s quality policy are strictly observed. A manufacturer’s warranty is provided once work has been completed.


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