Automated control systems

Hydroturbine speed and active power governors

Ensure the execution of hydroturbine start-up and shutdown algorithms; maintain the specified active power and speed of the hydroturbine; ensure safe hydroturbine operation and hydromechanical protection.

Automated hydroelectric unit control systems

Ensure the execution of hydroelectric unit start-up, synchronization, grid connection, grid operation and shutdown algorithms; process parameter monitoring; local hydroelectric unit control; hydroelectric unit protection against abnormal conditions during unit operation. The automated control system of the hydroelectric unit ensures the integration of local control, monitoring, protection and signaling subsystems and data communication to the higher level of process control systems.

Standard subsystems of the automated hydroelectric unit control system:

  • equipment and software for hydroelectric unit process automation (automated control of the hydroelectric unit);
  • equipment and software for the automated control of turbine speed and active power;
  • equipment and software for oil pressure unit control;
  • equipment and software for the control of auxiliary hydroelectric unit equipment;
  • equipment and software for measurements and signaling;
  • equipment and software for monitoring and signaling the thermal parameters of equipment operation.
Integrated automated process control systems (APCS)

APCS are used for process equipment control automation at the hydroelectric power plant. The APCS ensures deep process integration; provides more information to personnel and enhances staff operating conditions thanks to the establishment of a single man-machine interface and statistical data maintenance automation, the centralized processing of process information, the calculation of technical and economic parameters during equipment operation, the integration of the automated hydroelectric unit control system into a common data network and supervisory control of power plant equipment.

Equipment monitoring and diagnostics systems

Equipment monitoring and diagnostics systems implement vibration monitoring of the hydroelectric unit, including the acquisition of current vibration, air flow, magnetic flow, etc. parameters at the specified hydroelectric unit locations; ensure the generation and communication of summary and detailed warning signals and alarms to the automated hydroelectric unit control system (or the automated process control system), which are used for the generation and communication of control commands for changes in the unit’s operating conditions or for emergency unit shutdown.


Failure-free operation of the hydroelectric equipment control systems manufactured by Power Machines is provided thanks to the high quality of design and workmanship, as well as the use of streamlined control algorithms, proven by many years of reliable operation, implemented in system software.

The equipment produced by our company ensures the failure-free operation of hydroelectric units, since all Power Machines units are equipped with an emergency closing system that shuts down the hydroelectric unit even in the case of the failure of control system components.

Auxiliary equipment
  • various types of hydraulic turbines;
  • hydrogenerators;
  • pre-turbine gate valves;
  • the hydraulic part of governors and oil pressure units;
  • excitation systems.
Service support

Power Machines offers the servicing, modernization and overhaul of HPP equipment, aimed at improved reliability, cost-effectiveness, control response and ease of operation.

By implementing power plant overhaul and modernization projects, Power Machines meets strategic challenges ensuring return on customers’ investment by restoring the operating capacity of equipment and enhancing its technical and economic performance and reliability.

Equipment modernization and repair can be carried out at the manufacturer’s shop or power plant site.

Overhaul is planned and carried out in such a way as to minimize construction works and use existing embedded structures and foundations for modernized equipment installation as much as possible.


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