Pre-turbine gate valves

Main types of pre-turbine gate valves
  • butterfly valves with a diameter of 1–7 m for a head range of 45 to 230 m;
  • ball valves with a diameter of 1–3.5 m for a head range of 170 to 800 m.

The gate valves are installed on the head pipeline upstream from the turbine scroll case and used for shutting off flow in normal conditions, in the event of an emergency and for maintenance purposes.

The electrohydraulic control system of the valve opens and closes the valve automatically during normal operation and closes the valve in emergency situations. Oil is fed to the control system and actuators from an independent oil pressure unit or the common oil pressure unit of the hydroturbine and gate valve.

Ring gate valves can be designed and installed at the customer’s request. Such valves dramatically reduce hydraulic unit dimensions.

Auxiliary equipment
  • various types of hydraulic turbines;
  • hydrogenerators;
  • pre-turbine gate valves;
  • the hydraulic part of governors and oil pressure units;
  • automated control systems of hydraulic turbines.
Service support

Power Machines offers the servicing, modernization and overhaul of HPP equipment, aimed at improved reliability, cost-effectiveness, control response and ease of operation.

By implementing power-plant overhaul and modernization projects, Power Machines meets strategic challenges ensuring return on customers’ investment by restoring the operating capacity of equipment and enhancing its technical and economic performance and reliability.

Equipment modernization and repair can be carried out at the manufacturer’s shop or power plant site.

Overhaul is planned and carried out in such a way as to minimize construction works and use existing embedded structures and foundations for modernized equipment installation as much as possible.


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