Power Machines is a global power engineering company – one of the world’s top-five industry leaders in terms of installed-equipment volume. We have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in the engineering-design, manufacturing and supply of equipment sets for thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants. The company’s core competency and competitive advantage extends to implementing integrated turn-key projects in the electrical power field. Power Machines is the part of Severgroup.

The origin and background of Power Machines is the story of the consolidation of Russia’s foremost power-machine-building enterprises.

The range of the company’s products encompasses cutting-edge, highly-efficient solutions for thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants, integrated power grids, industry and transport.

place in the world in terms
of installed equipment
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A powerful production base for the manufacture of power equipment.
3800 units of machinery and equipment.
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9 design bureaus numbering more than 2000 people. Own design institute.
At all stages of the product lifecycle.
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  • Head office
    St. Petersburg, Moscow
Head office

"Power Machines JSC is a global power engineering company, one of the five world leaders in the industry in terms of installed equipment. The companies included in the company have been operating in the energy market for more than 165 years. Power Machines has a rich expertise and competencies in the field of design, manufacture and complete supply of power equipment for thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, various industries, transport and marine energy. The history of the company's creation is the consolidation of leading enterprises of power engineering, such as the Leningrad Metal Plant, the Electrosila Plant, the Turbine Blades Plant, the Kaluga Turbine Plant, the Krasny Kotelshchik TKZ and others."

  • Leningrad Metal Plant
  • «Electrosila» Plant
  • SMTT. High-voltage solutions
  • Kaluga Turbine Plant
  • «Rheostat» Plant
    Velikiye Luki
  • «Krasny kotelshchik»
Leningrad Metal Plant
Founded in 1857

On December 20, 1857, Emperor Alexander II approved the Charter of the St. Petersburg Metal Plant Company. This date is considered the foundation day of the plant. Throughout its history, LMZ has been a pioneer in turbine construction: the most powerful turbines in Europe and the world were first developed and manufactured at our company and received international recognition. There is one LMZ turbine for every ten turbines in the world. In addition to energy, the plant also contributed to the development of the architectural appearance of St. Petersburg - the metal structures of the LMZ were used in the construction of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Mariinsky Theater, the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, the Hermitage, the Greenhouse of the Botanical Garden and other attractions of the city. A significant event in the history of the plant was the participation in the preparation of the launch of the first human flight into space. The "space mission of the machine builders" was to create the launch device of the Yuri Gagarin rocket.

Today, the LMZ consists of four separate production complexes in: turbine production (Kalininsky district), Turboatomgaz procurement production (Novoe Devyatkino, Leningrad region), turbine blade production (Nevsky district) and a low-speed turbine workshop (Metallostroy industrial zone, Kolpinsky district).

Leningrad Metal Plant produces turbines and auxiliary equipment for hydraulic, thermal and nuclear power plants.

«Electrosila» Plant
Founded in 1898

On April 15, 1898, Emperor Nicholas II approved the charter of the Joint-Stock Company of Russian Electrotechnical Plants "Siemens-Galske" in St. Petersburg. In 1922, the plant received its historical name "Electrosila". The plant played a crucial role in the formation and development of domestic energy. It was here that the scientific and technical school of Russian electrical engineering began to form, whose specialists took part in the implementation of the GOELRO plan, developing the first domestic hydrogenerators for the Volkhovskaya HPP and turbo generators for the Gomel and Omsk thermal power plants. In the future, the plant continued to increase the capacity of its generators and expand the range of equipment for the needs of shipbuilding, nuclear fleet, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry and other industries.

Today, the company produces generators for hydraulic, steam and gas turbines, traction motors and complete electric drive, large electric machines.

Electrosila consists of two separate production complexes: generator production (Moskovsky district) and electrical equipment workshop (Metallostroy industrial zone, Kolpinsky district).

SMTT. High-voltage solutions
Founded in 2011

Its main product are 110-750 kV power transformers and autotransformers with a capacity of over 25 MVA, including three-phase versions. Full-cycle production includes procurement and welding, assembly, storage, insulation, and winding workshops, as well as a testing center.

Kaluga Turbine Plant
Founded in 1946

One of the key producers of the country's military-industrial complex. The company's capacities allow it to produce power equipment for ships of almost any class, primarily through the state defense order, as well as for generating companies and industrial enterprises. Over its 75-year history, KTZ has produced more than 3,000 pieces of equipment, and the total capacity of power plants supplied to Russia and 42 countries of the world is more than 20 GW. Today, the plant produces steam turbines for driving electric generators, drive steam turbines, block turbo generators, steam geothermal turbines and power units.

«Rheostat» Plant
Founded in 1960

A system-forming electric machine-building enterprise of the Pskov region.

The Rheostat plant is the only manufacturer in Russia of a complete set of electrical equipment for AC trains. Dozens of suburban trains and subway cars across the country are equipped with the plant's products.

TKZ «Krasny kotelshchik»
Founded in 1896

One of the leading companies in the domestic boiler industry, with international experience and competence in the design, manufacture and integrated supply of equipment for thermal, nuclear, gas turbine power plants and various industries.

  • SZD Engineering
  • NordEnergoEngineering
SZD Engineering
Founded in 2018

The company is engaged in activities in the field of engineering surveys, engineering and technical design, project management. The main direction is the development of projects of industrial processes and technologies related to energy efficiency improvement.

Founded in 2019

The company is engaged in the design of energy facilities in Russia and abroad. Nordenergoengineering carries out all types of design work in the field of designing power facilities: from concept development and feasibility study to performing the functions of a general designer, general supplier and general contractor.

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  • Uzbekistan
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
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