Industry and transport

Power Machines offers our customers a wide range of electric equipment for the energy sector, industry and transport

The equipment presented is highly reliable thanks to the use of state-of-the-art components and is a shining example of the introduction of high-quality Russian equipment into various industries.

We offer our customers the packaged supply of equipment and provide a complete warranty on our products.

Contact information

Industrial products Division
Supply of complete drives for mining equipment
+7 (812) 676 42 04 Iana Tikhonova
Supply of industrial products, large electrical machinery and equipment for transport
+7 (812) 676 42 69 Kirill Lavrov
Delivery of automatic control and excitation systems
+7 (812) 333 02 53 ext. 2-64-76 Liliia Samsonova
+7 (812) 333-02-53
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