Drive turbines

Main drive-turbine types
К-12-1,0ПА К-10-0,5ПА К-8-0,65ПА

KTW’s drive turbines are at the current level of similar products made by foreign and Russian manufacturers and conform to the technical and economic performance requirements of our customers, both in Russia and abroad. The reliability and quality of our products are constantly the prime focus of our engineers. The quality management system in place at Kaluga Turbine Works is certified to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001-94 international standard. Kaluga Turbine Works was one of the first Russian factories to obtain this certificate.

The high cost-effectiveness and reliability of Kaluga Turbine Works’ steam turbines are ensured through the:

  • aerodynamic pilot testing of blades to confirm their reliability and efficiency;
  • smooth meridional profiles of flow paths;
  • 3D profiling of guide vanes;
  • steam inlet, bleed and exhaust optimization using CFD methods;
  • new improved seal designs;
  • implementation of advanced design methods, as well as technologies and equipment from leading Russian and global manufacturers.
Service support

Kaluga Turbine Works carries out equipment delivery, provides installation supervision, servicing and spare-part supply, as well as the modernization of its products.

Service support includes the engineering supervision of power-equipment installation, adjustment and commissioning; as well as warranty services, participation in scheduled maintenance, repair process development, customers’ and contractors’ personnel training, consulting services and post-warranty services.

Facility modernization projects make it possible to restore plant operation, extend service life and increase technical and economic performance and reliability in the process of equipment operation. Modernization enhances technical and economic performance, increases reliability and makes it possible to optimize the overhaul cycle structure.


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