Excitation systems

Main types
  • thyristor self-excitation systems (СТС);
  • independent thyristor systems (СТН);
  • power converters;
  • excitation control systems;
  • excitation system protection.

Advantages of our excitation system design:

  • Maximum safety of operating personnel and equipment is ensured by a set of special measures, including optic cables and draw-out thyristor converters (upon customer’s request).
  • Easy maintenance of excitation boards is achieved through a combination of modular configuration, which ensures easy access to any board component, and the practical layout of controls, alarms, instruments and measurement points.
  • The diversity of designs with regard to customer’s needs allows for the easy transformation of typical sections. Water, forced-air or natural-air cooling of thyristor converters.
  • High degree of operational compatibility is ensured thanks to the location of all electrical connections between sections inside the panel.
  • Proven quality. Excitation systems are tested using equipment from the world’s best manufacturers.
  • Improved design of panels in accordance with European Ergonomic Standards is achieved through the use of state-of-the-art design materials.
Auxiliary equipment
  • various types of hydraulic turbines;
  • hydrogenerators;
  • pre-turbine gate valves;
  • the hydraulic part of governors and oil pressure units;
  • automated control systems of hydraulic turbines.
Service support

A standard spare part and consumable warehouse enables urgent delivery to customers in any region.

Throughout equipment service life, customers are provided with a wide range of customer services, such as:

  • installation supervision, adjustment supervision, chief supervision, inspection, repair, supply and replacement of required spare parts and components. Power Machines guarantees the high quality and reliability of its supplied equipment.

The customer service program includes a flexible discount system and mutually-beneficial customer service procedures, such as:

  • extended warranty period;
  • additional spare parts and materials;
  • required equipment delivery directly from the company’s customer support warehouse;
  • full-scale equipment examination and diagnostics services using state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics tools.
  • the scope of supply of spare parts includes special components such as retaining rings, current-carrying bolts, PET cords, etc. Special chemical components, such as varnishes, enamels and compression materials, are provided as well.


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