Ac drives and complete ac units

Main types
  • Drive set for active control units.
  • Electric equipment package for generator cars.
  • Drive set for mainline pumps.
  • Drive set for submersible pumps.
  • Voltage converter, type ПТН-400.
  • Electric equipment package for the AC drive of СБШ-250 drilling rigs.
High-voltage electric drive and packaged units
  • static frequency converters;
  • thyristor frequency converter ТПЧ2-6-030;
  • asynchronous drive package for ТРАП-550 feed pumps;
  • synchronous electric motor exciter ВТЕ-300-300 УХЛ4;
  • transformerless start-up frequency converter ПУ-6.
Electric drive unit for BelAZ dump trucks
  • for 90 t mining trucks;
  • for 136 t mining trucks;
  • for 160 and 240 t mining trucks;
  • for 360 t mining trucks.
Electric drive unit for excavators
  • AC drive unit for ЭКГ-32 excavators;
  • AC drive unit for ЭКГ-18 excavators;
  • AC drive unit for ЭКГ-20 excavators;
  • AC drive unit for ЭШ 20.90 excavators.


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