Turbine island

Steam turbines of various types with a maximum capacity of 1200 MW

Power Machines’ turbine equipment is produced at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ), which is the main Russian supplier of this equipment type. The factory has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of steam turbines of various types and capacities. The first turbine produced by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod was put into commercial operation in 1907.

Turbogenerators of various types with a maximum capacity of 1200 MW

Power Machines’ turbogenerators are manufactured at the Electrosila factory. As of today, over 2730 turbogenerators with a total capacity of 283.8 GW or 334 GVA have been manufactured. The capacity of the turbogenerators produced by the company ranges from 6 to 1200 MW. All turbogenerators meet the requirements of GOST, IEC and other national standards.

Electrical automation systems

By implementing supply project packages for thermal power plants, Power Machines supplies generating equipment complete with control and automation systems. The company offers the following services:

  • turn-key automation of the turbine building, including power unit and auxiliary equipment control systems, protection systems (both hydromechanical and electrical) and vibration control systems;
  • main TPP equipment automation, including: turbine set governors and power controllers, thermal control systems, vibration control systems, process control systems, auxiliary equipment control systems;
  • turn-key automation of thermal power plants, including turbine set control systems, station-level control and monitoring systems, switchgear control systems, high-level control including station-level active and reactive power controllers.
Service support

Power Machines offers a complete service package for the installation supervision, adjustment supervision and testing of power equipment to be put into operation; modernization, repair and renovation works; the supply of spare parts and special materials.

The customer services provided by Power Machines include the engineering supervision of power-equipment installation, adjustment and commissioning; as well as warranty services, participation in scheduled maintenance, repair process development, customers’ and contractors’ personnel training, consulting services and post-warranty services.

Throughout the equipment’s service life, customers are provided with a wide range of customer services, such as installation supervision, adjustment supervision, chief supervision, inspection, repair, supply and replacement of required spare parts and components. Power Machines guarantees the high quality and reliability of its supplied equipment.


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