Steam and hydraulic turbine servicing

Servicing of 50-1200 MW steam turbines for TPP and NPP

  • Full or partial modernization of high-, intermediate- and low-pressure cylinders with or without steam-flow rate buildup in order to increase power and efficiency by 2 to 12% and reduce specific fuel consumption by 3 to 10% (depending on the scope of the overhaul, initial equipment condition and local conditions).
  • Process extraction steam turbine modernization in order to increase their throughput due to reduced steam consumption for production purposes.
  • Turbine overhaul in order to adapt the main and auxiliary equipment of the unit to the combined cycle.
  • Provision of additional extractions from the high-, intermediate- or low-pressure cylinders of 60 to 300 MW turbines to meet customers’ requirements in process- and heating-steam extractions.
  • Installation of 25 to 70 MW supplementary turbines utilizing unused process bleed steam.
  • Provision of controlled heating-steam extractions for 200 to 1200 MW condensing turbines to achieve a thermal power of 100 to 500 GCal/h.
  • Modernization of valves, steam distribution and control systems.
  • Modernization of control, vibration monitoring and diagnostics systems.
  • Condenser replacement and auxiliary equipment enhancement.

Hydraulic turbine servicing

  • Replacing runners with more efficient ones.
  • Replacing the runner blades of Kaplan turbines.
  • Replacing hydraulic turbine guide vanes.
  • Replacing unit bearings and shaft seals.
  • Replacing electromechanical governors with electronic governors.
  • Replacing flowpath component materials with cavitation-resistant ones.
  • Installation of polymer guide vanes and bearings not requiring lubrication in runner friction components.