Nuclear power industry

Power Machines is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for nuclear power plants

Today, Power Machines has the necessary competence for producing all the main types of power equipment for NPP turbine halls: high-speed and low-speed turbines of any capacity; completely water-cooled generators (including fire-proofed versions) that are not manufactured by any other company.

The high-speed turbines produced by Power Machines for nuclear power plants boast high efficiency and proven operational reliability.

Power Machines is the only Russian company offering a packaged supply of basic thermal and mechanical equipment for NPP turbine islands and a leader among the world's producers of 800, 1000 and 1200 MW high-speed turbines for NPP power units. The turbines have a number of design features increasing their reliability and lifetime.

The low-speed steam turbine for nuclear power plants is our new product.

Power Machines has developed a design for a low-speed steam turbine and 1255 MW turbogenerator for the WWER TOI project (standard optimized design for a two-unit NPP with a light water reactor). This innovative design is based on the requirements that apply to new units of nuclear power plants in the Russian Federation and abroad.

In the future, the capacity of the low-speed turbine unit by Power Machines may be increased to 1800 MW. One of the design features of this steam turbine is the use of 1760-mm-long steel blades at the last LPC rotor stage. Depending on customer requirements, the 1200-1255 MW turbine units for NPP units developed by Power Machines can be produced in either high-speed or slow-speed versions. Today, the company has all the necessary resources to launch the production cycle for the primary components of a pilot low-speed turbine set.

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Power Machines’ equipment has been installed at 27 nuclear power plants throughout the world. Many years of successful
operation have proven the high performance characteristics of the equipment, its operational stability and compliance
with strict reliability requirements.

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