Environment Protection

The mission of Power Machines in the field of environment protection is efficient management of production processes which influence the environment.  The company strives to preserve nature and its resources for future generations. Environmental protection and safety is among top-priority goals for us. Power Machines constantly improve approaches to control nature protection activities and increase the number of ecological measures and expenses for environmental protection. 

The Power Machines activity in the field of environmental protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation of Russia and specified standards. We constantly monitor different types of negative impacts and take measures to minimize man-made burden. Contaminants emitted into the atmosphere undergo compulsory clean-up. The amount of wastes decreases every year due to new technologies including new equipment with significantly reduced specific raw material and energy consumption and also due to gradual introduction of selective waste collection system.

Productions' gross emissions into atmosphere are within established limits. The research on efficiency of dust and gas collectors clean-up and inventory control of contaminants sources emitted into atmosphere are conducted on a regular basis in the company.

Experts in environmental safety carry out on-site inspections of company's suburban facilities (children's health camps). Power Machines in cooperation with SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" draw up a plan of measures for KTL, LMZ and Elektrosila plant to reduce effluent and contaminants discharge into central water disposal system