Labor Safety

In the field of labor and industrial safety JSC Power Machines follow the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation (Labor Code, Federal law "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities" and other federal laws and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation).

The company's employees exposed to hazardous and adverse factors of production environment and labor conditions undergo compulsory medical examination. According to the medical examination results the managers of subdivisions obtain reports with recommendations on development of relevant labor conditions. Employees who haven't undergone the compulsory medical examination or those who have contraindications are not admitted to work.

Every month drinking water quality control in water supply system is carried out to comply with requirements of SanPiN Physical-chemical and bacteriological studies of drinking water samples from central water supply system are carried out. 

To ensure water-intake regime the service maintenance and repair of drinking water cleaning devices which allow to clean, carbonate and cool water from cold water-supply system is carried out.

Every year company carries out safety audits to provide comprehensive assessment of labor and industrial safety control system and identify physical risks in company's subdivisions.