The work of Power Machines employees is among the winners of the international competition

The work of Power Machines employees was awarded at the International competition of scientific, technical and innovative developments aimed at the development of fuel, energy and mining industries in 2020.

The competition was supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. This year's competition featured 198 entries from 86 companies related to oil and gas, the coal and peat industry, electric power, renewable energy, pipeline transport, nuclear power and mining industries.

According to the results of the competition, two works by Power Machines employees were awarded the diploma of the laureate of the second prize of the competition:

- "Development of the numerical model for calculating the coefficient of effective thermal conductivity of the turbogenerator stator winding insulation system" by Emil Mannanov, lead manager for technical policy and scientific-research;

- "Calculation and experimental research and optimization of the flow part of the exhaust branch pipe of 1200 MW steam turbine for NPP" by the collaborative team of the special design bureau "Turbina": Sergey Kozachuk, Eugene Kostyk, Grigory Mokrushin, Alexey Tsvetaev and Artem Yurkevich.

The third prize was awarded to Andrey Vasiliev, a design engineer of the 2nd category of the LMZ technical management, for his work "Optimization of the design of hydrostatic steadyrest liners to ensure guaranteed lift-up and centering during turning".