The turbines manufactured by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod are installed on all main hydropower units of the Volzhskaya HPP

A hydropower unit with serial number 10 was put into operation at the Volzhskaya HPP after retrofitting. This hydropower unit had its hydraulic turbine and hydrogenerator and auxiliary equipment replaced.

This is the last of the 22 main hydropower units of the HPP, which had its hydraulic turbine replaced, and the 16th unit on which a new hydrogenerator was installed. The turbines were manufactured by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ), and the hydrogenerators by Electrosila Plant.

New generating equipment manufactured by St. Petersburg enterprises was created using advanced developments of power engineering and has improved technical characteristics. The new hydropower units are more efficient, which has already made it possible to increase the capacity of the Volzhskaya HPP from 2,541 MW to 2,671 MW. In the future, the installed capacity of the plant will increase to 2,744.5 MW.

Currently, the Volzhskaya HPP continues to upgrade hydropower unit No. 4 with the replacement of the generator and auxiliary equipment. It is planned to complete replacement of the remaining hydrogenerator in 2026 so that all hydropower units will be upgraded at the plant (except for the low-capacity and rarely used auxiliary hydroelectric unit).

In addition to updating the hydraulic power equipment, the gates of the spillway dam and trash grids are being replaced as part of the Comprehensive Modernization Program, and retrofitting of 500 kV switchyard is planned with the use of SF6-insulated equipment (GIS).

The Volzhskaya HPP is the lower, most powerful stage of Volga-Kama cascade and the largest hydroelectric power plant in Europe. Due to its power cycling, the Volzhskaya HPP is of considerable importance for ensuring the reliable operation of the Russian national grid. The long-term annual average electric power output is 11.5 billion kWh.