The R&D stage on the journal and thrust bearing of the GTE-65 turbine was completed

Designers from Power Machines completed the design of a new journal and thrust bearing for the GTE-65.1 gas turbine.

The journal and thrust bearing was one of the bottlenecks of the GTE-65 prototype, which was manufactured back in 2007. Employees of the special design bureau for gas turbine units revised the bearing design, and also introduced a system for hydraulic lifting of the turbine rotor.

The hydraulic lift ensures the ascent of the rotor, the weight of which exceeds 11 tons, which aids greatly in starting up the turbine. The new bearing was designed in the NX Teamcenter environment in the form of a 3D model of the product, which will allow the design bureau to master modern “paperless” production methods. The developed design, and the use of new technologies in production, will ensure the smooth operation of the turbine under all modes.

Power Machines is implementing a project to revive the production of domestic gas turbines of two standard sizes: GTE-65 and GTE-170. Previously, the company developed design and technological documentation. Currently, the GTE-170 prototype model is in production; the revision and assembly of the GTE-65 prototype turbo group has been completed. Together with leading industry institutes, the remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics system for the gas turbines is being developed.

In LMZ workshops, the machinery is being actively retrofitted with new equipment. To test the full-sized combustion chamber units of the power GTUs (Gas Turbine Units) at full-scale parameters, the plant is developing its own experimental and research facility.

The first GTE-170 units will be produced in 2022-2023, while the GTE-65 units will be manufactured in 2024.