Severstal signed a Climate Memorandum with the UN Global Compact National Network in Russia, "Power machines", Systeme Electric, and Lenta

The Climate Memorandum "Together Towards a Low Carbon Future", which was developed by Severstal, was joined by new partners – the UN Global Compact National Network, "Power machines", Systeme Electric, and the Lenta retail chain. The memorandum is intended to support global efforts to prevent further climate changes.

Companies that join the Climate Memorandum will work to embed the climate agenda into their corporate practices and integrate climate issues into all of their operations. They will also estimate greenhouse gas emissions, set emissions reduction targets, and publicly disclose information on emissions. The signing of the memorandum took place at the UN office at the end of the Climate Conference in Dubai.

Severstal, as one of the largest steel producers in Russia, is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. "We not only strive to minimize our emissions, but also attract new partners to cooperate in this area. We are pleased that more companies and organizations are joining our initiative, sharing our concern about climate changes. We will continue to expand the range of our partners to include environmentally responsible companies actively working to reduce their environmental impact," reported Alexander Shevelev, General Director of Severstal.

"By joining the Climate Memorandum, we reaffirm the close alignment of "Power machines" values with the global sustainable development goals. As a backbone enterprise of the domestic power engineering industry, "Power machines" are active in the field of "green energy" through the production of generating equipment for nuclear and hydroelectric power plants. We are continuously improving technology and working on innovative products to transition to a sustainable energy future. Our developments for low-carbon energy include a range of electric charging stations for electric vehicles and a number of promising solutions in the field of RES , including wind energy. Within the company we adhere to the principles of reasonable and careful attitude to natural resources, responsible attitude to the environment," reported Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of "Power machines".

"Caring for the environment and sustainable development are the most important principles of Systeme Electric activities. For us, the signing of the Climate Memorandum with Severstal is a confirmation of our integrated and responsible approach to sustainable development. We prioritize quality management of production processes at our facilities. Starting from 2023, we are implementing a multi-year program to upgrade our facilities to increase production volumes while maintaining the same level of electricity consumption. Our common goal is to implement technologies that minimize climate and environmental impacts. We are convinced that joint efforts with Severstal will make a significant contribution to environmental protection," noted Alexey Kashayev, General Director of Systeme Electric.

In early 2023, Severstal developed the Climate Memorandum "Together Towards a Low Carbon Future" to support global efforts to prevent further climate changes.