Severgroup provided support to the Landscape in Sculpture and Sculpture in Landscape exhibition at the Russian Museum

PJSC Severstal and JSC "Power machines", which are subsidiaries of Severgroup (a major investment company that manages assets for Alexey Mordashov), supported the opening of the exhibition titled Landscape in Sculpture and Sculpture in Landscape at the State Russian Museum.

This exhibition in the Marble Palace presents about 100 sculptures and 40 paintings from the collection of the Russian Museum, private collections, and studios of artists from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The exhibition is presenting an unusual aspect to traditional landscaping for the first. For centuries, this genre remained the exclusive domain of painting and graphic arts, appearing in sculptures only as a background element in terrain. The twentieth century made changes to how landscape is presented, bringing it beyond the limits of the two-dimensional space of paper and canvas into the three-dimensional plastic arts. Over time, landscapes that complement sculptural composition became an independent genre filled with meaning, which gave rise to metaphors and associations.

The exhibition is hosted across 7 of the palatial halls. Museum staff carefully selected artistic works, visited artists' studios in St. Petersburg and Moscow, looked for new, undiscovered, but talented artists. Many of them are exhibiting their works for the first time, which makes this exhibition a landmark event not only for the Russian Museum, but also for the artists themselves.

The exhibition presents works of the 1960s-70s, when innovative sculpture work began to appear in the country, where the artist creates a model of the world with various characters inhabiting it, placed in a natural environment. These works became the starting point for the development of sculptural landscape. Over time, sculptors turned to this genre, which is why most of the exhibition is occupied by works from contemporary artists. The subject matter of the pieces is also expanding – it is more than just the countryside, but also urban landscapes. Sculptural landscape reflects a variety of stylistic and formal creative searches for the authors.

One of the halls is completely devoted to the theme of sculpture in landscape. In the 20th century, sculptural art ceased to be a background for events on canvas and has seemed to go beyond the role of being a silent witness that it was assigned and determines the feeling evoked by the whole picture.

The works of old and new masters are presented side by side, showing the continuity between generations and the development in the themes of sculpture in landscape. Thus, the space allows the audience to re-evaluate the role of landscaping scenes in contemporary art.