Power Machines will participate in St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2021

Power Machines will participate in the Import Substitution in the Gas Industry exhibition, which is to be held on October 5-8 as part of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2021.

At the exhibition, the company will show models of the first domestic gas turbines, the GTE-170 E-class and GTE-65 F-class. The machine designs take into account best industry practices and modern approaches to the design and operation of gas turbines.

The development of the domestic line of power gas turbines of two sizes, GTE-170 and GTE-65, was started by Power Machines in 2018. The GTE-170 and GTE-65.1 prototypes are currently in production with varying degrees of readiness. The first production samples of domestic gas turbine units will be ready in 2023-2024. The company has also launched a project to create a 65 MW hydrogen gas turbine. All gas turbines will be equipped with remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics systems.

The high-capacity gas turbine GTE-170.1 manufactured by Power Machines was the first in Russia to receive the status of innovative power-generating equipment. The project to revive manufacture of gas turbines in Russia is being implemented by JSC "Power machines", with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

In addition, as part of the display, one can learn the characteristics of the UTEK-1000 Recovery Thermal Power Complex and find out more about expander-generator units. UTEK-1000 is designed to generate electricity by recovering the exhaust heat from gas turbine engines at gas compressor units, and expander-generator units provide the generation of environmentally friendly electricity at gas distribution plants and gas pipeline stations as part of expander-generator units.

A special event and exhibition project of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum was organized by PJSC Gazprom and EF-International, LLC in order to demonstrate high-tech competitive equipment and support the potential capacities of the Russian industry in terms of import substitution.

The "Import Substitution in the Gas Industry" exhibition presents more than 160 samples of high-tech and import-substituting products, including models and layouts of products being developed by 60 domestic scientific and industrial enterprises.