Power Machines uses additive technology in the process of creating parts for the hot gas path of GTE-170 gas turbine

While implementing the project of launching fully domestic gas turbines of medium and large capacity in the Russian energy market, Power Machines is mastering and applying advanced manufacturing technologies.

Thus, in the process of developing the manufacture of parts for the hot gas path of the GTE-170 gas turbine, the technique of three-dimensional printing was successfully applied. The work is performed in cooperation with leading Russian enterprises and sectoral research institutes. It is noteworthy that a feature of the hot gas path parts is the use of a domestic heat-resistant material with a maximum operating temperature of ~ 950 C.

The work performed resulted in the manufacture of swirl nozzles of the combustion chamber, thermal treatment, and mechanical processing of these products. Based on its findings, Power Machines experts adjusted the heat treatment mode and machining allowances, and made changes to the machining process procedure.

The program of mastering additive technology includes four stages with the manufacture of two control check products at each stage. Now, the products have been transferred for the fine-tuning of the process of welding the heat-resistant material of the burner device.