Power Machines took part in the "All-Russian Oak Grove of Emperor Peter the Great" program

Power Machines joined the ecological and historical program of the State Russian Museum - "All-Russian Oak Grove of Emperor Peter the Great". The tree planting ceremony took place with the participation of the Kalininsky District Administration Office of St. Petersburg.

Recently, one of the oak trees preserved in the Summer Garden since the time of Peter the Great was awarded a special status, namely, the status of a "Tree - Monument of Wildlife". Since then, its acorns have been germinated, and the seedlings, as a symbol of the connection between the past and present, are transferred to different cities in Russia for planting.

This time, the ecological-historical event took place on Vernost street – one of the favorite walking places for residents of the Kalininsky District of St. Petersburg. It was attended by employees of Power Machines, students of the Technical School of Power Engineering and Metalworking, and representatives of the youth council of the Kalininsky District, to plant four oaks.

One young plant was transferred to the Leningrad Metal Plant for planting on the territory of the enterprise.

Power Machines is a long established partner of the State Russian Museum. Thus, the power engineering company participates in the festival of landscape art "Imperial Gardens of Russia", supports exhibitions and other cultural and educational projects of the museum .