Power Machines technical solutions will make It possible to use domestic materials and components in the manufacture of hot gas path components for heavy-duty gas turbines in the Russian Federation

The Power Machines special design bureau of gas turbine units held a technical council dedicated to the protection of the next stage of development of the ГТЭ-170.1 gas turbine project.

Within the framework of the council, technical solutions for a number of GTE-170.1 units (a compressor, a combustion chamber, a turbine, an oil tank and external systems) were presented, reviewed and defended for compliance with the requirements of the statement of work.

The developed technical solutions will allow the use of domestic materials and components in the manufacture of the most significant and knowledge-intensive elements of gas turbines (components of the hot gas path (combustion chambers, turbine blades) and gas turbine control systems) in strict accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation Government Decree N719 “On confirmation of manufacture of industrial products in the territory of the Russian Federation”.

The Power Machines project for the manufacture of heavy-duty gas turbines is aimed at creating in Russia a production of power equipment, that will not be inferior in its segment to world analogues, and reducing dependence on foreign manufacturers.