"Power machines" Takes Part in Gas Turbines Sci-Tech Session

Saint Petersburg witnessed the 69th sci-tech session "Sci-Tech Issues of Full Local Manufacturing Content and Maintenance of Fixed Gas Turbine Units in Russia". The session was organized by the Gas Turbines Committee of the Russian Academy of Science, JSC "VTI", and JSC "Nevskiy Zavod".

The agenda of the session covered the following issues: innovations in gas industry, sci-tech solutions of preferable concept, parameters and materials of modern gas turbine and steam turbine units in gas and power industry.

Within the session, representatives of "Power machines" highlighted the current status of development and manufacturing of the domestic gas turbines, cooperation with field-specific research institutes and companies, and maintenance of foreign gas turbines operating in Russia.

"We are implementing an integrated R&D plan and upgrading the manufacturing process to ensure full-scale production of gas turbine units. As a part of the plan, next year we will start-up a unique foundry complex to manufacture gas turbine blades," says Alexander Ivanovsky, the Chief Designer of "Power machines".

He also highlights that the company is pursuing a unique bench to test a combustion chamber of gas turbines with actual parameters. Also, "Power machines" is willing to cooperate with generating companies in the area of maintenance and spare parts for gas turbines of 160–180 mW capacity.

The session hosted managers and leaders of design companies, machinery manufacturing plants, and generating companies. A number of reports were dedicated to the deliverables of "Power machines" and their partners within GTE-65 & GTE-170 gas turbines project. Nikolay Fokin, General Designer of Gas Turbines, presented R&D completed and performed by the design team during development of high capacity gas turbines, including modern 3D modelling and manufacturing technologies of hot gas path components for gas turbines. The design team leaders (D.S. Tarasov,Head of the Combustion Chamber Department; M.G. Cherkasova, Head of the Turbine Calculations Department; F.A. Malyshev, Chief Designer of the Compressors Department) presented detailed reports on key focal areas of the design team within compressors, combustion chambers and turbines. The session resulted in a fruitful discussion, exchanging experience in the area of domestic gas turbine units design and mastering gas turbines production.