Power Machines successfully tested a pilot model for the GTE-170 automatic control system

Power Machines has tested a pilot model for the GTE-170 automatic control system (ACS) within the project framework to develop domestic medium- and high-capacity gas turbines.

The ACS pilot model that employs the GTE-170 gas turbine unit has successfully passed functional tests, demonstrating compliance with all requirements in the terms of reference. The control and protection algorithms were tested, all possible situations regarding normal and abnormal operation of the turbine were simulated, including load shedding followed by idling.

The ACS pilot model development and production were strictly conducted in accordance with the terms set by the project. The GTE-170 ACS was developed based on the domestic software and hardware package in accordance with the requirements of the public contract with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and its scope of application covers energy facilities according to their hazard level classification.

Our application software will support the improvements, development, and upgrades of the GTE-170 ACS and give an opportunity to follow the most modern trends in the field of medium- and high-power gas turbine controls.

High-performance domestic process controllers are the foundation of the ACS, and controllers make it possible to execute the most complex control programs in milliseconds. Hardware computing, as part of the ACS, are fully redundant to ensure equipment fault-tolerance at the highest level.

The high-capacity gas turbine GTE-170 manufactured by Power Machines was the first in Russia to be deemed innovative power-generating equipment. Power Machines currently has six GTE-170 turbines in production, and the pilot model GTE-65.1 has been also put into production.

The project for returning gas turbines to production in Russia has been implemented by JSC “Power machines” thanks to contributions from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the primary goal is to revitalize the national school of design and production of medium- and high-capacity gas turbines. The successful implementation of this project ensures that the Russian Federation maintains self-sufficiency due to the comprehensive development of the production for this type of equipment in the country, including the components for hot gas path and control systems using domestic hardware components, which will eliminate dependence on imported services.