Power Machines Successfully Test Prototype of Innovative Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Power Machines has developed and released the latest version of a fast charging station for multiple electric vehicles that supports all modern charging standards and protocols. The prototype charging station has been thoroughly tested, including functional and full-scale tests, as well as thermal tests in the mode of simulated critical maximum load. Also, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility tests conducted by Power Machines have confirmed the full compliance of the equipment with Russian and European quality standards.

Electric charging stations are a newcomer in the Power Machines product range. The company is going to offer a comprehensive line of this type of power equipment with a power range of up to 350 kW, capable of charging your vehicle from empty to full in just 10-15 minutes. Today, Power Machines is fully prepared for serial production of electric charging stations (ECS). The company's production capacity allows offering up to 1,000 ECS units per year.

"The ECS production program at Power Machines is in full line with the Concept for the Development of Electric Transport in Russia until 2030, approved by the Russian Government. Many years of experience of Power Machines design bureaus in the field of electrical engineering and expertise ensure the full localization of electric charging stations in Russia," Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of JSC Power Machines, is quoted as saying.

The charging station is made according to the modular principle and can simultaneously charge 2 to 4 vehicles, depending on the configuration. The modular design allows distributing power in a flexible way given specific infrastructure needs. The dynamic power balancing function of the station allows distributing power in real time among several simultaneously charging vehicles. This innovative equipment can charge both private electric vehicles and infrastructure transport, electric buses, as well as special-purpose machinery.

Electric charging stations by Power Machines come with a modern diagnostic system to remotely monitor technical conditions and detect faults without field visits. This solution makes it very easy for customers to use the equipment on-site. This option is of great importance not only for urban transport infrastructure facilities, but also for highways connecting different regions, where field visits require additional time and costs.

Both the prototype station and the entire line of equipment can be equipped with various configurations of displays and charging cables, depending on the needs of the customer. The unique islanding system allows fitting the charging station with additional backup power sources for uninterrupted operation, as well as, if necessary, electric generating equipment.

The electric filling equipment developed and manufactured by Power Machines is offered both in fixed and mobile versions, which allows charging electric vehicles where they stop, including in emergency cases.

Electric charging stations by Power Machines support all available payment methods: mobile apps, QR code, bank card, and cash.