Power Machines starts testing the ignition system for a high-power gas turbine – GTE-170

Power Machines, in cooperation with a leading Russian aerospace company, commenced testing of the GTE-170 gas turbine ignition system. The tests are conducted at the testing facility of Power Machines' partner - NPO CKTI named after I.I. Polzunov.

The support of tests of the GTE-170 ignition system, as well as the project to create fully domestic gas turbines with large and medium capacity, are provided by Power Machines in close cooperation with a number of Russian enterprises.

Thus, NPO CKTI completed an audit of the testing bench equipment and gas handling facilities, manufactured assemblies to connect the burner to the test compartment. The burner device was manufactured by Power Machines and equipped with a diagonal swirler manufactured by FSUE All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials. Components of the ignition system for a high-power gas turbine by Power Machines were designed and manufactured in cooperation with a leading Russian aviation company. According to the requirements of the technical specification, the specified life of the ignition unit is 100 thousand hours, wires and ignition plugs – 35 thousand hours.

The developed technical solutions allowed using domestic materials and components in the manufacture of the gas turbine ignition system in strict compliance with the requirements of RF Government Decree No. 719 "On Confirmation of Industrial Production in the Territory of the Russian Federation".

During the tests, the functions of electrodes, ignition units, and wires will be verified in all modes to simulate ignition. The data obtained will be used to accept the technical solutions incorporated in the design documentation, and will also serve as the basis for providing materials and manufacturing the first set of the ignition system for the GTE-170 prototype.