Power Machines presented to customers of the system of predictive diagnostics for power generation equipment

During an online conference that took place on December 15th, 2020, the specialists from Power Machines presented to the customers their own proprietary-designed System of Predictive Diagnostics for Power Generation Equipment. The purpose of this System is to ensure hassle-free operation of the equipment while reducing unscheduled downtimes, with a subsequent transition to condition-based repairs.

This System of Predictive Diagnostics developed by Power Machines represents a complex integrated system. The backbone of this system is the Expert Block, i.e., the malfunction detection algorithms (diagnostic indicators) that provide interpretation of readings from sensors and gauges. Fitted on the Power Generation Equipment, these sensors and gauges issue signals about any possible malfunctions. The Expert Block is supplemented with the following:

- Reference models that allow determination of any deviations of the parameters from their norm values at an early stage.

- Forecast models that determine the time of emergency event occurrences.

- Models of physical processes that allow calculating additional indicators which are descriptive of the equipment's condition.

"Backed by many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Power Generation Equipment, Power Machines, like no one else, knows the features of equipment - both from the viewpoint of design, functions and operating conditions, therefore Power Machines is in the best position to help resolve any technical problems related to diagnostics of the equipment condition", Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of JSC "Power Machines", said.

The System of Predictive Diagnostics developed by the specialists from Power Machines in cooperation with the key players in the industry (NPO CKTI, All-Russian Heat Engineering Institute, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and Ural Federal University) consists of a local computerized subsystem and a remote knowledge-based diagnostics center that both seamlessly function together as a whole.

Monitoring of the equipment's condition is performed within the knowledge-based diagnostics center of Power Machines while providing 24/7 monitoring of operation of all equipment connected to the System. Respectively, the Monitoring Center's specialists can see the information on the current condition of the Customer's generation equipment at their screens at any given time.   The acquired data is then transmitted from the power plant to Power Machines via a secure channel.   

The Monitoring Center's range of services includes around-the-clock support in the form of help and advice from the Manufacturers' experts, refinement of models based on the best practices of operating experience, qualitative assessment of restart/shutdown modes, preparation of Equipment Condition Reports, and issuance of immediate recommendations related to operation and maintenance of the equipment.