"Power machines" Present Solutions for Power Supply of Gas Transport and Gas Production Infrastructure at RIEF

"Power machines" took part in the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF), a major discussion platform for representatives of business, public authorities and scientific community to discuss key issues of fuel and energy industry development.

Sergey Oskin, Deputy General Designer of "Power machines", spoke about the company's solutions and products for power supply to the gas transportation and gas production infrastructure in a presentation session with PJSC "Gazprom Neft".

"Power machines" experience in power and electrical engineering, as well as its design and manufacturing competencies, enable it to meet current market demands. This includes the development and implementation of technologies and equipment demanded by the oil and gas industry, solving strategic tasks in the field of import substitution and localization of production, power supply to remote territories and improving energy efficiency," Sergey Oskin said.

The speaker spoke about the progress and capabilities of the first domestic F-class gas turbine, GTE-65, which is being worked on as part of the strategic project to restart gas turbine production in Russia, implemented by "Power machines" with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. This turbine also has the potential to be used as a drive for compressor units.

Other "Power machines" developments were also presented during the presentation session:
- utilization of thermal power complexes based on the organic Rankine cycle technology. They generate additional electricity by recovering low-potential heat, using an organic working medium with a low boiling point instead of water as the working medium;
- detander-generator installations for "fuel-free" generation of environmentally friendly electrical energy by utilizing the potential energy of compressed gas from main gas pipelines. These units are installed in parallel to the gas reduction stations;
- frequency-controlled electric drives for driving compressors of different capacities operating in the liquefaction or gas transport cycle. It is an alternative to gas turbine units (including foreign-made) that act as compressor drives.

Participants of the meeting praised the technical characteristics of "Power machines" equipment and the significance of the developments presented to ensure the technological independence of the Russian fuel and energy complex and resolve import substitution issues.