Power Machines opened a design bureau for power engineering students at TPU

On Friday, December 17, a student design bureau (SDB) was opened at the Tomsk Polytechnic University - a center for professional capabilities within the framework of an agreement with JSC "Power machines". In this bureau students will gain experience in design and innovation projects and programs.

The opening ceremony of the design bureau was attended by Mikhail Solovyov, TPU Vice-Rector for Education; Alexander Matveev, Director of Power Engineering School; Vladimir Gubin, Head of the TPU strategic project Energy of the Future; Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of JSC "Power machines" as well as heads of research and educational centers and SDB project managers at the university.

“Our company needs young and talented engineers who can work intensively and while employing new technologies and tools to develop fields of power engineering industry. The decision to open a design bureau at the Tomsk Polytechnic University was based on the fact that it is a strong technical university with well-established power engineering area. Our goal is to give young engineers an opportunity to create new and elaborate designs and to receive top remuneration for their work,” said Alexander Ivanovskiy, General Designer of JSC "Power machines".

The student design bureau at the Tomsk Polytechnic University will focus on addressing problems and cases concerning steam turbines. Now it has undergone repairs, and 12 workplaces have been prepared. A partner company provided special-purpose computers and software.

“The design bureau is a typical example of project-based learning. It is crucial for a modern engineer to understand the entire process chain: from brainstorming to equipment design and operation. JSC "Power machines" is our strategic partner and the largest company that designs and manufactures power equipment. It is distinguished by an active immersion in frontier research, particularly hydrogen technologies. We are going to cooperate in the areas of student training and joint fundamental and applied scientific research,” said Vladimir Gubin, head of the TPU strategic project Energy of the Future and Deputy Director of the TPU Power Engineering School, at the bureau opening.

Five TPU students joined the bureau. All were selected on a competitive admission: entrance testing in professional disciplines, completion of a special task related to the future activities of the student design bureau, and interviews.

The students who passed the admission are then employed by JSC "Power machines" as engineers at the student design bureau. They will be engaged in the design of control systems for steam turbines, the project is intended to last for two years. TPU experts will supervise and advise students on their work and then pass on the results to the company.

First, students will become acquainted with the software in the student design bureau and its specificities. Meanwhile, they will apply their skills while solving a specific case from Power Machines. Thus, students will begin developing three-dimensional parts for steam turbine automatic control systems.

During their time in the design bureau, students will receive a scholarship and salary, and upon graduation, they will be able to continue working at JSC "Power machines" with more favorable terms compared to other university graduates. The proposal for each graduate of the project will be individualized, relying on their desires and competencies acquired during training.

For Power Machines, the design bureau at the Tomsk Polytechnic University will become the fourth of its kind in the country. Similar SDBs have already been launched and are operating at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), the National Research University MPEI, and St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI).