Power Machines new steam turbine passed warranty tests as part of an operating TPP

The T-100-130 turbine manufactured at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ) passed warranty tests with its new design at the project owner's thermal power plant. The results obtained during the tests confirmed all asserted technical and economic characteristics of the power equipment.

The 100 MW turbine was manufactured as part of a project with the goal to comprehensively modernizing turbine equipment that had reached the end of its service life at existing power plants, which serves the needs of the owner's production plant. During the process, the main turbine units were replaced including a worn high pressure cylinder (HPC) wheel space part, thus increasing the efficiency of the HPC wheel space part by 8%.

The project resulted in improved technical-economic indicators and the liberation of the heat extraction turbine was increased to 121 MW. The resource of the main high-temperature components was restored, while operational indicators such as reliability, efficiency, repairability, and flexibility were improved.

The hydro-mechanical control system was also completely retrofitted into a modern electro-hydraulic automatic control and protection system. The measures that Power Machines specialists implemented reduced the overall insensitivity of the speed control system, making it possible for the power unit to primarily primary regulate the frequency and capacity in the power system at the quality satisfying to the requirements of JSC SO UES.

The T-100-130 turbine modernization project was developed by the LMZ design bureau in 2019 as an effective solution, which had a goal to thoroughly modernize wheel space parts of outdated heating turbines with capacities from 100 MW to 130 MW.

At present, LMZ has developed a wide range of time and cost-effective technical solutions that allow conducting both unit-by-unit modernization of equipment while improving technical-economic parameters to the level of modern models and full replacement of turbines of this type.