Power Machines manufactured and tested the rotor blades of GTE-170.1 compressor

As part of the program for creation of the first fully domestic-manufactured high-capacity gas turbine, the Power Machines company manufactured the rotor blades for the GTE-170.1 gas turbine unit's compressor and conducted the testing of their structural strength.

The blades intended for the GTE-170.1 gas turbine first production unit were manufactured by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod.

The testing of the rotor blades, the purpose of which was to determine the limit of structural strength and to verify the manufacturing quality, were successfully conducted in the Polzunov NPO CKTI (I. I. Polzunov Scientific and Development Association on the Research and Design of Power Equipment).

The level of stresses within the rotor blades determined in the process of testing allowed the company to make conclusions with regard to their capability of ensuring the compressor's vibration reliability. The tests of rotor blades were carried out within the period from June to December 2020.