Power Machines launches a student design bureau at St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

As part of the General Agreement establishing the university status as a partner of Power Machines for training personnel and creating a center of excellence, the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) and the power engineering company conducted an opening ceremony of a student design bureau (SDB) at the university. SDB will provide training in two areas: "Power Industry and Electrical Engineering" and "Special Electromechanical Systems".

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the university and students, as well as employees of Power Machines.

- "Our company is interested in cooperation with the university in general, and in training professionals, in particular. We are convinced that SDB will help young people both to strengthen their understanding of the correct choice of their profession, and to get their first experience in solving engineering and design problems," - said Elena Mordvinova, Head of the Personnel Development Department of Power Machines.

- "Today there is an acute issue of the quality of graduates' training, therefore the company participates in fostering of a professional from the first years of his or her studies at the university. I wish that really interested students, full of enthusiasm and energy, join the design bureau, and the employees of Power Machines share their experience with them," - said Yulia Antokhina, SUAI Rector.

- "I am glad that many guys are interested in our new design bureau. The connection between production and the educational process is very important. We should understand that the most fruitful age is up to 25 years. An important thing is to spend these years not only on studies, but also on the creation of new projects, then you will make an invaluable contribution to the development of science and technology," - Pavel Kalachikov, Chief Designer of Electrical Machines at the Electrosila plant, addressed the guests.

Now, 3rd  and 4th year undergraduate and 1st and 2nd year graduate students have the opportunity to take part in projects that meet the needs of the Russian power sector under the supervision of experienced experts from Power Machines. Working at SDB will allow young people to gain practical skills in solving design and technological problems, and gain experience in participating in research projects of a Russian company, which is especially valuable for tomorrow's graduates.