Power Machines Launched a Housing Program for Employees

Power Machines launched a Housing Program where the company partially compensates the interest rate of a mortgage agreement signed by the employees of the design bureaus and technical departments, and production line managers.

Company employees who have participated in the Housing Program will be able to receive compensation for the interest actually paid under the mortgage agreements, up to 35%. The program applies to both existing mortgage loans and new ones issued under newly signed agreements. The amount of compensation will be determined depending on the effectiveness of the employee's participation in Power Machines projects. The compensation period can last up to 5 years.

The Housing Program has become another action point in the ever-expanding list of social guarantees provided to the Power Machines employees. The company also has corporate training programs for specialists and managers, and leadership programs for young engineers. Industrial workers have an opportunity to improve their qualifications or acquire an additional profession in the Power Machines training center.