"Power machines" Is Telling About Prospective Products in Power Engineering

On September 20, Saint-Petersburg's House of Journalists witnessed a panel discussion "Petersburg – the leader of electrical technologies" dedicated to the industrial development and invention of power generation, supply and distribution technologies. Konstanin Savichev, Director of the "Power machines" Engineering Centre, highlights the company skills and prospective products in power engineering.

Process development plan is a part of the "Power machines" operational strategy. Konstanin Savichev says that this plan ensures company development in two directions – existing equipment and absolutely new products.

"The "Power machines" Engineering Centre has a team of around 3,000 persons, including design, process and structural engineers. In the past, our design teams had to develop new products within a conventional plant system, which was not considered as a preferable approach, since all the attention was focused on the existing projects. Heading into 2022, we revised the approach and created the Engineering Centre to concentrate on the new products only," Konstanin Savichev noted.

Now, Engineering Centre develops new products in four prospective directions: new turbine units, wind driven units, new power machines, and equipment for hydrogen energy. The Engineering Centre team has a turn-key approach – starting from brainstorming and having a basic design at the end.

"When starting a new product, any company is analyzing its complementarity and current feasibility and capacity. Range of the "Power machines" products includes a plenty of power equipment, such as turbines, generators, transport industry solutions, diagnostics equipment, so we have a lot of new directions to choose. In the first stage, we are doing a general investigation of a product. Then, we create a design concept and start looking for a potential partner, i.e. a master client of the equipment, since any investigation involves a significant investment volume. After that, we develop a basic design, vendor prints and make a commercial prototype. Once testing of the prototype model is finished, the new product is taken to full-scale production," Konstanin Savichev says.

Panel discussion “Petersburg – the leader of electrical technologies" is a part of a media project “Discussion Club of Journalists – DK Nevsky 70”. Representatives of the following entities took part in the event: Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI", Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, Research and Production Enterprise "RADAR MMS", St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg Centre "ELMA".