Power Machines is focused on improving the efficiency of 170 MW gas turbine

To increase the competitiveness of the self-engineered gas turbine in the domestic and foreign power markets, Power Machines pays special attention to increasing its efficiency and capacity.

Thus, the company is currently implementing a number of R&D projects aimed at increasing the capacity and efficiency of the gas turbine unit. The gas turbine unit that has already been developed and launched into production is designated as GTE-170.1. This new modification with GTE-170.1 designation will have an increased efficiency of the turbine wheel space, as well as an increased gas flow rate and gas temperature at the inlet to the turbine guide vanes downstream from the combustion chamber.

Research and development undertaken by the experts of the power engineering company allowed achievement of the specified figures to increase the capacity and efficiency of the gas turbine, as well as minimal design changes in comparison to GTE-170.1.

The work performed included computational fluid dynamics and thermal analysis, which made it possible to produce three-dimensional models of upgraded blades of the turbine unit to be used in coupled calculations.

The next stage of R&D related to the design of the high-capacity gas turbine is the performance of strength design and the development of detailed design documentation, which will be followed by elaboration of technology and manufacture of upgraded blades of the wheel space for the GTE-170.2 turbine.