Power Machines is expanding its presence in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Power Machines opened a representative office in Tashkent and deployed a network of project offices at the sites of hydroelectric power plants under construction. 

«The power engineers of Russia and Uzbekistan are bound not only by partnership commitments, but by a common history and long-term relationship,» commented Timur Lipatov, General Director of Power Machines. «Development of the energy sector is always a joint endeavor based on close collaboration, good partnerships and mutual respect for people who speak the same professional language. There are many top-class specialists and experienced professionals in the energy sector of Uzbekistan, and it is a great pleasure to cooperate with them. By opening a representative office with a network of project offices, we plan to bring our work to a qualitatively new level, providing a special approach to each project and reducing the response time to emerging tasks». 

At present, Power Machines continues to execute contracts for the modernization of three power plants – Syrdarya TPP, Farkhad and Tupalangskaya HPPs. In addition, projects for construction of a small HPP at picket 102+00 and Bogishamol small HPP are now in progress. In the near future, they plan to start work on the supply of equipment for the Nizhnechatkalskaya and Pskemskaya HPPs under construction. Russian enterprises, including the «Elektrosila» plant, Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, and Kaluga Turbine Plant, will be involved in the production and supply of equipment. 

The representative office of the Russian company in Tashkent will employ 12 people, and the four project offices at the sites of hydroelectric power plants under construction will employ a total of 20 specialists. Neretin Sergey Borisovich, a professional hydropower engineer with over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, has been appointed to the position of Director of the representative office. 

Development of the energy sector in Uzbekistan is inextricably linked with Russia and Russian power engineering enterprises, whose turbines, generators, and boiler equipment are successfully operating at the republic’s power plants. 80% of thermal and hydroelectric power generation in Uzbekistan is produced by turbines and generators manufactured by enterprises that are part of Power Machines. Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and the «Elektrosila» plant participated in equipping the Burjarskaya HPP-4, Angrenskaya, Navoiyskaya, Tashkent and Syrdarya TPPs, Charvakskaya HPPs and many others. Throughout their more than 90 years of history, Power machines plants have delivered power and electrical equipment with a total capacity of about 7 GW.