Power Machines is developing the customer's personal account, expanding the package of services provided

To improve the comfort and quality of collaboration with customers, the power engineering company Power Machines is expanding the package of services provided to generating companies through the customer's personal account.   

Now Power Machines customers can submit an application for equipment service through the customer's personal account, receive a generated proposal for the equipment modernization, and analyze it both technically and financially. 

Modernization proposals aimed at improving the generating equipment performance are calculated by the system automatically when the customer specifies the input data on the power plant equipment. 

Service packages developed by the specialists from Power Machines currently provide data on the effect of modernizing turbine equipment. Similar proposals for other generating equipment are under development.

The Power Machines customer's account was developed by Artwell, which, jointly with the design engineers from Power Machines, has implemented a 3D spare parts catalog, thus ensuring the customer's representatives can easily identify the spare part they need.

As a reminder, the customer's personal account services provide the customers of power equipment with the opportunity to receive information related to equipment purchased or previously purchased from the equipment manufacturers and/or one-stop shop services. The customer's personal account combines a set of tools to ensure convenient and quick placing of an order for supply of spare parts, the services of supervising engineers or development of repair documentation, making an emergency call or submitting a request for other issues, and keeping a complete history of requests. 

The presence of such a personal account will also imply that the customer will take part in the Power Machines bonus program. Accumulated bonuses can be used in charity projects, as well as to get a discount on subsequent orders.