"Power machines" Introduces Coating Technology for Gas Turbine Hot Runner Blades

"Power machines" has put into pilot operation a new production area for thermal spraying of thermal protection coatings on working and stationary blades of gas turbines.

"Power machines" specialists, based on domestic experience in aeronautical gas turbine construction, together with Russian developers, have introduced a technology for coating turbine blades of power-generating gas turbines.

The new production area set up at the turbine blade production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art automated high-speed sputtering units and vacuum furnaces.

Turbine blade coating technology is performed in several steps and applied in several layers. It protects gas turbine components against erosive wear and high-temperature corrosion and ensures the required service life.

"Power machines" is building the capacity to produce eight gas turbines per year. The company intends to reach these volumes from 2025. The company will also provide services for gas turbines, including production for third parties together with the manufacture and supply of spare parts.

Three production sites of Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod are involved in the manufacture of the gas turbines, with more than 1,650 pieces of process equipment. The equipment needed for a complete gas turbine production cycle is being retrofitted. More than 150 designers and technologists from the special design office for gas turbines and more than 1,400 production specialists are working on the project.