Power Machines have completed the upgrade of nine out of 18 hydropower units of Cheboksary HPP

At the Cheboksary HPP, RusHydro has commissioned a hydropower unit No. 4 upgraded by Power Machines, with an updated hydrogenerator (the turbine for this unit was reconstructed in 2012). Thus, under the integrated modernization program for the RusHydro hydroelectric power plants, turbines and generators have already been updated on nine of the 18 hydropower units.

In the course of work, a new generator stator was installed, with improved performance characteristics. In addition, the reliability of its air coolers was increased by replacing cupronickel with stainless steel in the material of covers and tube walls. This design made it possible to increase resistance to corrosion and reduce the fouling caused by zebra mussel, a common type of bivalve molluscs that live in fresh and brackish waters.

The automatic control system of the hydropower unit was also replaced and the hydraulic turbine was overhauled.

Power Machines continue to implement the upgrade project of the Cheboksary HPP - at present, the stator and tachogenerator of the hydrogenerator No. 6 are being replaced. A large-scale reconstruction of the hydropower unit No. 9 has begun, during which the stator, tachogenerator and the generator rotor rim will be replaced, and the hydraulic turbine will be transferred to the movable blade operation.

At present, turbines have been reconstructed for 15 out of 18 hydopower units of the Cheboksary HPP; stators, tachogenerators and iron rims of generator rotors have been updated for nine units. The annual work schedule has been agreed with the System Operator of the Unified Energy System, and the power supply to consumers is not limited.