Power Machines has manufactured and tested the heat-protective tiles of the combustion chamber of the GTE-170 gas turbine

Continuing the execution of the project to create completely domestic gas turbines of large and medium power, the experts from the gas turbines specialized design bureau of JSC «Power Machines,» together with the leading Russian energy companies, have completed work on the creation of ceramic tiles lining the inner surface of the flame tube of the gas turbine GTE-170. 

The first stage of the work was completed in July 2020. The result was the production of a component composition and the development of a technology for manufacturing heat-protective ceramic tiles, designed for use at a temperature of about 1500°C. To confirm the physical and chemical properties and resources of the tiles, two development batches were manufactured.

Tests of the obtained samples carried out by specialists from Power Machines and IK CTO confirmed the required physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the products.

The test results allow for an unambiguous conclusion about the achievement of the R&D results and the possibility of using the developed tiles for lining the inner surface of the heat pipe of the gas turbine GTE-170.