Power Machines engage small and medium-sized businesses in major power-plant engineering

Power Machines created the electronic platform TechnoChallenge 2.0, designed to implement joint projects with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual developers in the area of high-tech power equipment. Engineering companies and individual developers having competencies in the areas of blank production, assembly and welding production, machining and assembly of large equipment are invited to participate.

The new electronic resource is an opportunity for both companies and individual experts to gain access to our equipment, to test their ideas in practice and, if successful, to make profit from their implementation.

The basis for implementation of this approach was the interest of the professional community in our TechnoChallenge contest organized in November last year. During the contest, we received and continue to receive feedback and collaboration offers that go far beyond the format of the contest. As a result, we decided to create an electronic platform - a contact point for everyone who wants to start working together.

As part of their project, Power Machines will provide participants with input data on the chosen areas, provide expert and consulting assistance, and also provide access to production equipment for the production of an experimental batch of products at the implementation stage. In case of a successful result, the author of the pilot project or team of authors will receive a monetary reward depending on the confirmed annual economic effect.

To read about the main types of equipment and process operations for which Power Machines offer cooperation and to fill out the registration form and apply for participation in the TechnoChallenge 2.0 project, please, visit our website at http://technochallenge.ru/.