Power Machines developed and registered the software of the steam turbine control and diagnostics system

Specialists from Power Machines developed and received a certificate of the Federal Intellectual Property Service for the software of the software/hardware system of the steam turbine process control and diagnostics – one of the most important components of the remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics system.

The operation of the registered software is aimed at detecting several dozens of faults, including those related to the deterioration of the vibration state of the steam turbine. The software is also tasked with predicting the timing of an emergency event.

An indisputable advantage of the software is the expert rules that allow the system to operate from the moment of commissioning; moreover, they do not require time to train power plant personnel.

The software in the current state is intended for monitoring and diagnostics of the steam turbine of a thermal power plant. Power Machines is currently working on its configuration to make it possible to use the development at nuclear power plants as well.

The new software is an integral part of the steam turbine remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics system, and is included in the scope of new equipment delivered by Power Machines.

The predictive diagnostics system of generating equipment developed by Power Machines is a new company product aimed at ensuring faultless operation and reducing unscheduled downtime of power equipment with a subsequent transition to repair based on actual technical condition.