Power Machines developed an upgraded version of the design of the exhaust diffuser for GTE-65 gas turbine

In the process of implementation of the project aimed at the creation of a fully domestic-manufactured medium-power gas turbines, Power Machines performed R&D for the "stage - diffuser" system consisting of the last stage of gas turbine and the exhaust diffuser of GTE-65. The result of this effort that was carried out jointly with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) was the generation of a numerical validated model of this system and an optimized version of its design.

In partnership with SPbPU, the design engineers from Gas Turbine Units SDB (Special Design Bureau) of Power Machines created a model of the existing design of GTE-65.0 "stage - diffuser" system and simulated the operation of the turbine in different modes on the test bench. The obtained data provided the basis for a numerical model for which was then used to develop a new version of the design with the aim to increase the efficiency and power of the turbine.

The next stage of work on this project will be the production of a prototype of a new design of the GTE-65 exhaust diffuser, which will be followed by its testing at SPbPU facilities - in order to verify the adopted design solutions and to reconfirm the design parameters. These tests are scheduled for year 2021.