Power Machines developed a 3D layout for the GTE-170.1 gas turbine unit

PJSC Power machines completed the development of a typical 3D layout for the GTE-170.1 gas turbine equipment in the engine room of the power plant.

The work was carried out in a modern software package of three-dimensional modeling, which made it possible to complete the task in a short time. When designing, the optimal arrangement of all elements was chosen, which will allow for convenient access to them by specialists for monitoring and performing preventive and scheduled repair activities, as well as the efficiency of the turbine unit operation.

All components were worked out in detail: the turbine group with auxiliary elements, oil supply and flushing systems, air supply and cleaning system, turbogenerator and other systems required for the operation of the unit.

In addition, at this stage of creation of the GTE-170.1 gas turbine, metal structures were designed in the form of supports, frames and service platforms; the task for the foundation of the unit was developed.