Power Machines delivered the second hydraulic turbine impeller to the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP

The new impeller weighing over 80 tons was manufactured at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod. The impeller was delivered to Magadan by sea, transshipped at the port, and arrived on a special motor truck at the construction site of the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP. Earlier in March, the impeller for the first hydropower unit arrived at the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP by a similar route.

The impellers of the first two hydropower units of the plant are planned to be replaced in 2022. The project will increase the capacity of the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP by 117 MW.

The equipment was manufactured in accordance with the agreement between Power Machines and JSC Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP, named after A. F. Dyakov, signed in 2019. The obligations of Power Machines include manufacture and supply to the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP of two radial-axial impellers for the hydropower units Nos.1 and 2, as well as installation supervision of the equipment supplied.

Moreover, Power Machines is completing the shipment to the port of the equipment set for the hydropower unit No.4 of the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP. The ship will leave the port of St. Petersburg in April 2021.

The equipment for hydroelectric unit No. 4 was also manufactured under a contract with JSC Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP, named after A.F. Dyakov, signed in 2019. The obligations of Power Machines include the manufacture and delivery to the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP of the hydraulic turbine with automatic control system (ACS), the hydrogenerator complete with excitation system, and auxiliary equipment for the hydropower unit No. 4. In addition, the experts from "Power Machines" will provide installation supervision services.

Commissioning of the hydropower unit No. 4 and the plant's reaching its design capacity of 570 MW are scheduled for 2022, while completion of HPP construction is scheduled for 2023.