Power Machines continues the implementation of the Farkhad HPP modernization project (Uzbekistan)

As part of the contract for Farkhad HPP modernization, Power Machines delivered the hydro turbine of unit No. 2 to the construction site of the plant and thereby fulfilled the delivery of the main equipment under the contract.

By the order of Power Machines, the hydro turbine with a maximum capacity of 33.7 MW was produced by Kaluga Turbine Works and that was the first time in the Works' history that they produced a turbine for HPP. Carbon fiber bushings and anti-friction materials were used in the process of turbine assembly. Aluminum coating was applied as corrosion protection.

Earlier, for the unit No. 4 modernization, Power Machines delivered a guide vane to the construction site of the Farkhad HPP. This equipment had not been originally included in the contract scope of delivery. The decision on additional delivery was made based on the results of the equipment survey in 2019.

The contract for Farkhad HPP modernization was concluded between JSC «Power machines» and JSC «Uzbekhydroenergo» in 2017. In total, four hydropower units are to be upgraded with an increase in the total capacity of the HPP by 11.4% — from 114 MW to 127 MW. The full service life of the hydraulic units will be 40 years.

Currently, Power Machines is carrying out assembly work on the first and third hydropower units at the construction site of the Farkhad HPP. The mechanical part of HU No. 1 has been assembled, and the impeller, turbine shaft, guide vane, stator and generator rotor have been mounted. Installation of equipment for APCS, relay protection and automation equipment, 10 kV conductors, and DC and AC bus ducts is in progress. Installation of auxiliary systems is nearing completion.

The generator rotor was assembled and tested at the HU No.3, and the impeller and the turbine shaft were connected to each other and prepared for installation in the crater of the hydropower unit. Preparatory work is underway for the installation of the guide vane and the turbine bearing. Installation of equipment for the service water supply and fire extinguishing system of the generator will be carried out.

The high-voltage equipment for the first stage of the 110 kV outdoor switchgear has been fully installed. The auxiliary equipment for the plant has been also assembled: 10 kV SCG, 0.4 kV in-house cabinet, operating DC voltage system. System debugging is in progress.

Completion of the project will allow the renewed HPP to increase the annual electricity generation by 84 million kWh to 531.2 million kWh per year.