"Power machines" Completes the Assembly of the Lead Prototype of the Russian High-Power Gas Turbine GTE-170

"Power machines" has completed the assembly of the lead prototype of the Russian high-power gas turbine GTE-170. The turbine successfully passed the control operations program on the assembly stand of the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, thus confirming the high quality of production and assembly.

The project to restart gas turbine production in Russia is being implemented by JSC "Power machines" with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The total investment in the project exceeds 15 billion rubles, of which 4.8 billion rubles is subsidized by the state. Successful solution of the task will ensure technological independence of the Russian Federation, as full development of domestic production of this type of equipment, including components of the hot gas path and control systems based on domestic elements, will eliminate dependence on import services.

"The production of the prototype GTE-170 is the most important event that shows that we have fundamentally solved the most difficult issues related to the organization of serial production—the creation of a team of specialists with unique skills, the formation of the design and production base of the project and the fine-tuning of all related processes. The high-power turbine assembled and tested at our stand is living proof that we are on the right track and that we will achieve our stated goal: Russia will have its own gas turbines and its own technology with full localization," General Director Alexander Konyukhov pointed up.

Under the project, the company re-established the gas turbine design bureau, developed design documents, conducted a series of research and development activities in cooperation with the country's major research and industrial organizations, organized additional production facilities, and established component production. All these activities were implemented in a very short time, which is a unique practice given the high complexity and length of the processes involved in developing a new product.

The project includes three production sites of the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and more than 1,650 pieces of equipment. More than 150 designers and technologists from the special design bureau for gas turbines are working on the project, and more than 1,400 production specialists are involved in its implementation.

The turbine consists of more than 10,000 parts, and special attention was paid to each of them: material properties were inspected, dimensions were verified, and the necessary factory tests were performed. Everything is done to ensure the high quality of the gas turbine. In the course of the work on the prototype, solutions were found and the competences for the production of the main assemblies and components were restored.

The technology for manufacturing the parts and assemblies of the combustion chamber—mixer, refractory liner, housing and chamber cover—was developed from scratch. The additive technology of three-dimensional printing has been successfully used in the troubleshooting of turbine hot gas path parts. Composition and prototypes of ceramic tiles for the combustion chamber were developed; casting technology for small swirl nozzles of the burner device was developed, casting technology of cone with welded blades for large swirl nozzles was tested with quality confirmation; ignition system of the combustion chamber was designed, manufactured and tested under bench conditions; special thermal barrier coatings for turbine blades, inner body and combustion chamber elements were developed; anti-corrosion coating for compressor blades was developed.

While working on the project, a workshop was set up with assembly stands for turbo groups, combustion chambers and rotors. For testing of combustion chambers on real parameters the company has prepared its own experimental and research stand. Production areas for coating turbine blades and combustion chambers, casting complex of gas turbine blades billets are created.

"Power machines" is building the capacity to produce eight gas turbines per year. The company intends to reach these volumes in 2025. The perspective has it to increase the production capacity to 12 turbines. The company will also provide services for gas turbines, including production for third parties together with the manufacture and supply of spare parts.

Currently, four gas turbines are under contract for Inter RAO's Kashirskaya SDPP, and four more for RusHydro's Far East facilities. The planned date for completion of the main prototype of the GTE-65 gas turbine is 2024.