Power Machines completed ugent repairs on the turbine rotor at power unit No. 2 of Karmanovskaya SDPP

Power Machines completed its delivery of spare parts within an urgent time frame and repaired the medium-pressure rotor (MPR) of a 300 MW steam turbine at power unit No. 2 of Karmanovskaya SDPP. 

Within two months, a set of rotating blades for the 27th stage of the MPR was delivered to the power plant, and the rotating blades for rotor stages 27, 28, 29 were replaced at the power unit.

Upon completing recovery operations, the power unit was put into commercial operation in accordance with the contractual terms. The high level of professionalism and qualifications of Power Machines experts engaged in the project were was proven and appreciated in a letter from the Engineering Manager of Karmanovskaya SDPP.

The contract for supplying turbine blades and MPR turnkey repair signed with Bashkir Generation Company LLC in October 2021 following a tender that required tight deadlines (2 months) for performing the work due to a need to commission power unit No. 2 in December 2021. According to the results of the tender, only Power Machines guaranteed the fulfillment of all the customer's conditions within the required time frame.